Take your own personal refrigerator wherever you go!

The X3 Rechargeable Cooler.

The Refrigerator you can take anywhere...

Once upon a time humans used frozen cubes of water to keep their food and drinks cold...

Get out of the ice ages and Never use food ruining cubes of water again! The X3 Lithium Cooler Never needs ice!

Charge and Go Technology

Runs + Charges from home or vehicle...Then unplug and Go!


No More Soggy and Ruined Food!

30 Quart capacity - All Usable Space.

Never buy ice again or ruin your food again. The Lithium Cooler Will keep food cold or frozen for up to 10 hours on a charge!

Ice cubes are a thing of the past.

The X3 LITHIUM COOLER contains all the same working components of a household refrigerator. It runs off of a built-in Lithium Battery, your vehicle or household power. Remaining battery level % can be checked easily from digital display.

Utilizing LG micro compressor. Charges to 100% from a 0% battery in less that 5 hours.

The most High-Tech Cooler on the market is here!

Soggy sandwiches. Wet weiners. Buying Ice...

Imagine now if all of the stress associated with that… just vanished. It can.

The X3 LithiumCooler promises to eliminate ice melt, spoiled food, and messy cleanup. Plug it into the home or car for just five hours and reap the benefits of 10 hours top of the line, technological cooling. It truly is like bringing your refrigerator with you!

 With an easy to charge AC/DC port, easy-to-use digital temperature controls, and rugged build, the X3 LithiumCooler is perfect for any use. Many industries such as food service, construction, and even first responders are turning to the X3 as their primary source of cooling on the go.

Join them in tossing aside concerns of soggy or ruined food, watery messy ice melt and Order your X3 LithiumCooler today!

A radical concept, was going to buy a Yeti for the same price but I'm glad I found you guys.

-Tom from Phoenix, AZ

Love that it charges from my truck then its ready when I unplug to use for the day on the job site. No more buying ice for me. Great!

-Robert from Yorba Linda CA

I use it in my man cave as a refrigerator, and then use on the weekends at my softball game..I love it!

-Jim from San Diego CA

I'm using it in my Prius. It fits and works perfect for traveling. Thank you for the great service and fast shipping!

-Ann from Reno NV