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Press Release 8/05/18


X3 LithiumCooler Changes Game For Portable Coolers

Company creates rechargeable “Refrigerator on wheels”


A Nevada based company develops “the refrigerator you can take anywhere”. While today’s top of the line coolers can be impressive, there’s one thing they all have in common – they can’t keep ice in a solid state forever.


The X3 LithiumCooler solves that by removing ice from the equation altogether!


“A radical concept! I was going to buy a Yeti for the same price but I’m glad I found you guys,” says Tom from Phoenix.


Tom joins the likes of outdoorsmen, firefighters, casual campers, and even first responders who’ve turned to the X3 for their cooling needs.


Using a rechargeable lithium batter, the X3 can cool to temperatures as low as -4 degrees and hold as much as 30-quarts of food and beverages.


“Love that it charges from my truck, then it’s ready when I unplug to use for the day on the job site! No more buying ice for me! Great!,” says Robert, a Californian construction worker.


The X3 LithiumCooler only charges for five hours yet can hold that charge and keep its cool for up to 10 hours! When’s the last time your ice lasted that long?


It’s able to do this because the X3 uses a an ultra-efficient LG Micro-Compressor which is charged using a simple AC/DC port which can attach to your home or vehicle! Are you at the campground this weekend? Charge the X3 overnight to keep your goods cool the next day!


The X3 LithiumCooler retails at just $595, a comparable price to today’s top of the line coolers yet it has so much more to offer.


For more information about the cooler and how you can bring yours home today, contact LithiumCooler.


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