A/C - D/C - Rechargeable Built-In Lithium battery power X3 LithiumCooler 30 Quart

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Think Back to a time when you went Camping...

Perhaps you were a child. Perhaps you were taking children somewhere. You’re off the beaten path and you’ll be cooking outdoors. You brought along your handy cooler.

Even on the drive there, you worried if a few bags of ice was going to be enough to keep your meets frozen and your drinks cold. The likelihood of that ice lasting the entire trip to the campground, let alone throughout the evening is slim to none. Don’t even get started on the limited goods you could fit in the cooler after all that ice piled up.

Now, imagine that sloshing sound you begin to hear over every bump and break in the road. Before you’ve even pulled into your site, you’ve got a cooler full of water. Good for hydration – but bad for the longevity of your burgers.

Imagine now if all of the stress associated with that… just vanished. It can.

The X3 LithiumCooler promises to eliminate ice melt, spoiled food, and messy cleanup. Plug it in for just five hours and reap the benefits of 10 hours top of the line, technological, cooling. It truly is like bringing your refrigerator with you!

 With an easy to charge AC/DC port, easy-to-use digital temperature controls, and rugged build, the X3 LithiumCooler is perfect for any use. Many industries such as food service, construction, and even first responders are turning to the X3 as their primary source of cooling on the go.

Join them in tossing aside concerns of soggy or ruined food, watery messy ice melt and Order your X3 LithiumCooler today!